Stop Arguing & Save Your Business

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45 pages.9,000 words.15+ insights.3 powerful, actionable frameworks you can use to end unproductive arguments, TODAY.

Everything you need to improve your communication, teamwork, and decision-making.

Written by Dr. Matthew Jones, creator of Cofounder Clarity – the exclusive founder-focused coaching program that has helped hundreds of teams build resilience through strategic realignment.

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Lesson 1: The 5 Most Common Cofounder ArgumentsLesson 2: The Brutal Truth About Cofounder Conflict (No One Wants To Admit)Lesson 3: The 10 Core Causes of Cofounder ConflictLesson 4: The Solution To Stopping Unproductive Cofounder Arguments—The Levels FrameworkLesson 5: These 3 Skills Immediately Unlock Difficult Conversations For Founding Teams